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The Magnificent ‘New Faces’ Music Hall

A magnificent melange of the songs you love to sing and the jokes you love to hear awaits the pleasure of your company as our *New Faces of today-ourstars of tomorrow* proudly present a glorious trip down memory lane to the golden days of traditional Music Hall. This august line up of young sparkling talent will be paying tribute to the stars of yesteryear such as, Marie Lloyd. Florrie Ford. Lily Morris, Maurice Chevalier, Dan Leno and Little Tich. An afternoon of rich entertainment for your delight and delectation. Unmissable!

Pete Heat: Huge

Sharp, charmingly surreal and joyously unhinged, this hilarious modern magic show will break your brain into cute little pieces. "What the f*ck just happened?" ★★★★★ - ThreeWeeks "The constant oscillation between excellent jokes and superb wizardry really is a thrilling ride. It feels like something secret and very special indeed" - ★★★★★ "This man is what would happen if David Blaine was possessed by Noel Fielding's sense of style and humour, with a show that's exactly as mental and magnificent as that sounds" - ★★★★★ "Would have given Jesus a run for his money" - Alex Horne

Winner: The Improvised Comedy Sports Biopic

The Free Association Presents WINNER - the greatest sporting story never told. A hilarious homage to your favourite sporting biopics, from Rocky to Cool Runnings, Chariots of Fire to the Mighty Ducks. Inspirational and totally improvised tales of legendary teams and athletes in the nichest of sports. Rags-to-riches local heroes in football, athletics, thumb wars or competitive painting take one last tilt at glory. It’s funny, it’s sad, it’s triumph over adversity. Will our crack team overcome extreme training montages from mysterious mentors, despairing family members, and vicious rivals? Win or lose, it’s all improvised. AND IT’S LIVE! Winner is directed by Shaun Lowthian and features Greg Baxter, Katharine Bennett-Fox, Alex Berr, Michelle Fahrenheim, Sumina Kasuji, Sam Roulston, Anand Sankar and Charlie Sturgeon. — The Free Association’s live shows use improv comedy in unique, wild, wonderful (and critically acclaimed) ways. The shows might repeat, but they’ll never be the same. “The FA know what they are doing” - Chortle

Egg & Jo Griffin: Edinburgh Preview

Egg & Jo Griffin bring you a double-bill preview of their new Edinburgh Fringe shows! EGG: WIP Ooh, what's this? Just a fresh new show from two fresh young gals who, honestly, are absolutely fine. EGG are Anna Leong Brophy (Shadow and Bone, This Is Going to Hurt) and Emily Lloyd-Saini (Code 404, Catastrophe), but they don't like to bang on about it. As seen on Harry Hill's Club Nite (Channel 4). Nominee, Comedy Breakthrough, VAULT Festival '23. 'They deserve a bigger platform if there's any justice' ★★★★ Chortle 'Their chemistry is potent' ★★★★ Fest 'Superior fare' ★★★★ List 'Surreal, silly and relatable' ★★★★ FunnyWomen 'A hilariously confident hour' ★★★★ Skinny JO: THE POWER HOUR (WIP) Jo is 36, single, living in a house share with 5 strangers off the internet (humble brag!) so she’s more than equipped to answer all your life questions. Jo's debut show People Person sold out Soho Theatre & she appeared in Perfect (Dave). Jo is also one half of sketch duo Lola & Jo who recently featured on Sparks (Channel 4) ★★★★ THE LIST ★★★★ FEST & CHORTLE recently called Jo "A crowd-pleaser as well as a people-pleaser"

Teardrops on My Dildo - Vanessa Larry Mitchell

Fabulous, filthy and downright hilarious! Brace yourselves for a wild ride of side-splitting hilarity with the modern-day Queen of Sass, as she takes you on a laugh-out-loud adventure of her trials and tribulations of parenting, dating and all things female. Winner: 'Best Comedy' Newcastle Fringe 2022. ★★★★1/2 "This is the type of fringe show that deserves the spotlight.” - Kids in Adelaide ★★★★ "You know when you go out to a club with a group of girlfriends and the handbags are thrown down, and you're dancing all night completely carefree as if the rest of the world don't exist, and you only stop to rest over a few drinks with teeny umbrellas, and there's always that one friend that is side-splittingly funny and holds court all evening? Yep, that's exactly what Vanessa Larry Mitchell's one-woman show feels like" -

Mandeep Singh: Singh’ing In The Rain

Expect LOLS HAHAS AND AWWS by the buttload in this uplifting show about cracking on and having a good time regardless of circumstances. "A real fresh and spontaneous act Mandeep sets the funny bar high" (FIU Comedy) "Absolutely hilarious" (Live Lounge Comedy)

Jason Patterson: Public Enemy Number One

This July Jason brings his brand-new hour of stand up to The Museum of Comedy. Jason talks about his part-time job during lockdown, wanting to be a policeman as a child, attending his first protest and a night out at a Prison Themed Cocktail bar, as well as some recent events that have made him question society! Versatile and engaging comedian Jason Patterson has performed at comedy clubs across the UK becoming an audience favourite. Internationally Jason has performed across North America, Europe and the Middle East. He’s had TV appearances on BBC3 and MTV as well as Supporting the likes of Russell Kane and Judi Love on their national tours.

Little Boxes

Little Boxes is an inspirational and comedic one-woman-show by Joann Condon (Little Britain). Laugh, cry and celebrate as Joann demystifies her ‘boxes’: The hopes and dreams of a child, the frustrations of an acting career, the tensions of parenting, the grief in losing loved ones, the fear of being... herself. “A joyful delve into one woman’s life, celebrating the successes, the heartbreak, and everything in between.” The Plays the Thing Described as “funny, touching and heart-breaking,” by London Pub Theatres, Joann uses personal anecdotes to highlight assumptions made about her based-on looks, age, gender and background, that will have you thinking long after the show has finished. ★★★★★ “Hilarious, moving, sad and uplifting” ★★★★★ “An inspiring piece of theatre. This is not a show to miss” Fairy Powered Productions ★★★★ “Ticks all the right boxes” London Pub Theatres ★★★★ “Charmingly comedic” Theatre Weekly ★★★★ “You go in without knowing what to expect and come out realising you have just watched something that challenges your own way of thinking” Broadway Baby ★★★★ “The good old-fashioned art of storytelling... Condon’s comic timing is impeccable” LondonTheatre1 2020 OffWestEnd Short-run Commendation Shortlisted Best Theatre Production and Best Actor Female at Buxton Fringe 2022

Pirates: You Wouldn’t Steal a Boat

The High Seas, 1705. The Golden Age of Piracy. After being betrayed by his captain, Sharkbait Mulligan finds himself with just the clothes on his chest and the rum on his chest. Backed into a corner, he teams up with new first mate Louie to hunt for revenge, gold and bootleg DVDs. So. Here’s the plan. Our plucky hero will assemble a crew, crank up the sea shanty radio and prepare for one last score. Little does he know that his old captain is hunting for the same prize... Spruce Moose Comedy – a group of ex-Cambridge Footlights regulars with a high-energy, low-brow style – bring you their brand-new pirate voyage

Ian Crawford: Accident Avoidance Training Workshop – Intermediate

If faced by a rampaging rhino, an upside-down wheelie bin entrapment, or an attack by an unidentified flying cutlery item (UFCI), could you survive? Fear no more! Health and Safety expert and cutlery connoisseur Ian Crawford is here to save the day with an all-new, deadly serious presentation, packed with tips to help you stay alive for as long as is humanly possible. Book now before it’s too late! "Well-honed, good silly fun" ★★★★ - "Forking good" ★★★★ -

Preppers - A Comedy Show About The Apocalypses

Stuart Laws (“a one-man episode of Arrested Development” Fest) and Matt Sandstorm (unreviewed) are a new two-man comedy duo. They’re doomsday preppers who are delighted to give the audience a chance to learn more about the dangers of the world and then sign up to their militia, with free access to a bunker when all goes doomsday. It’s stupid, it’s the first time it’s ever being done and it’s sort of near the end of the world now so why not treat it like an immersive experience? “Funny and bonkers in equal measures” - Beyond The Joke

The Thinking Drinkers Pub Quiz: Fancy Another Round

After a 2022 sell-out run, the world's funniest alcohol experts are back in quizness with a brand-new tasting show that serves up five discerning drinks for everyone. A comedy quiz and illuminating tasting, it's funny, fascinating, you'll laugh a lot, learn loads and enjoy five first-class drinks for free. "Best value show at the Fringe" - Scotsman "Pioneers of drinks-based comedy" - Times "An erudite, liquor-loving duo" - Metro "A welcome antidote to the pretentiousness of wine buffs, real ale fans and spirts snobs" - Drinks experts on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch and ITV's This Morning. If you are lucky enough to look under 25 - please bring valid ID to this event.

Samantha Day: The Booby Trap

Breasts loom large in our culture - but why? Award winning comedian, Samantha Day gets her tit jokes out and exposes some big...issues. Sophisticated, interesting and funny. Comedy Store King Gong - Winner (2022), New Comedian of the Year - Winner (2022) - Southport Comedy Festival, Leicester Square New comedian of the Year – Finalist (2022), Best New Act - Bath Comedy Festival - Finalist (2021), Manfords New Act of the Year - Semi- Finalist (2020), Best New Act - Bath Comedy Festival - Semi-Finalist (2019). "Coming from LA where the comedy scene is supreme, this was one of the best standup shows I have ever seen. From start to finish it was full of belly laughs. 10/10 would recommend!" "Sheer joy. Wicked insights delivered with great panache from a comedian on the way up. Do not miss this show. One day you’ll want to be able to tell your friends ‘I saw her at the Fringe." "Sam's show is a belly-laugh roller coaster ride through the world of employment from someone who has been there, done that and stolen the tee shirt. Well worth an hour of your time, even if only for the tips on getting that next promotion!" "This show was brilliantly funny. Samantha delivers with some excellent material on the workplace. Includes wonderful anecdotes and musings. You'll enjoy this show greatly." "Laughed out loud! Sam’s delivered a great set and had the whole room hooked on her badass career tips." "I’d heard so much about Sam winning lots of comedy awards and her offering of something completely ‘fresh’ on the comedy circuit and I definitely wasn’t disappointed! A truly authentic character which had the audience belly laughing. Can’t recommend enough!" “The real deal, a fresh voice tempered by a life full of square peg experience” - Nick Page, English Comedian of the Year “Always has our audiences in stitches, spouting words of wisdom and self- improvement - whether wanted or not!” - Flock Comedy Club “We have had the pleasure of watching Sam’s progression from the very early days of her comedy career. We recently booked her again and were hugely impressed with her! Her confidence, delivery, material and interaction with our audience was absolutely superb!" Genius Events


AdLibretto creates one-off original musicals inspired by your life and childhood dreams. These are mashed up with your real life today, and turned into a never-before-seen musical, reimagining your life in different parallel universes. Every show is unique, with all of the scenes, characters, music and lyrics improvised on the spot.

Richard Stott: "Dear Lord... What A Sad Little Life"

Dave’s Jokes Of The Fringe 2019 runner-up is totally fine with how things are going. The comedian listed twice in The Times' Best Jokes of the Fringe 2022 is a fun guy who is not letting anything get to him at all! The star of ITV2's Stand Up Sketch Show and Comedy Central Live is just doing a breezy hour of stand-up and is in no way obsessing about people liking him. ★★★★ (Skinny). ★★★★ (ThreeWeeks). ★★★★ (

Krystal Evans: The Hottest Girl at Burn Camp

Krystal's sizzling debut hour finds the humour in escaping a house- fire, death, tragedy and mental illness, and how all this has – somewhat ironically – made her life funnier. An emotional rollercoaster of a show that offers a viciously funny take on some of the defining moments in Krystal’s life. As seen on: BBC’s Comedy Underground, Scot Squad, Breaking the News. Tour support for Stewart Francis and Zoe Lyons. Leicester Mercury New Comedian of the Year finalist. One of the most-anticipated newcomer shows of this year's Fringe. ‘Just perfect’ ★★★★ (

Rosie Holt: That’s Politainment! Edinburgh Preview

The worse the political career, the more lucrative the subsequent entertainment opportunities. Matt Hancock may have slaughtered millions but now he's making a killing. So can Rosie Holt's viral hit MP follow "politainers" Dorries, Farage and Rees-Mogg and leap from the pages of Hansard to Heat? After her sell-out Edinburgh show last year, Rosie returns to tightrope the thin line between politics and entertainment. "The Thick of It levels of writing and performance applied to a very current flavour of political bullshit" - The Times "Beautifully observed and performed" - Guardian "A character comedy treat" - Time Out

Ted Hill Tries and Fails to Fix Climate Change

Multimedia comedian Ted Hill unsuccessfully tries in several silly ways to fix humanity's greatest problem: climate change. It was a tough ask, and he's failed at it. In fact he doesn't even get close. A celebration of silliness, nature and polar bear calculations. Oh, and graphs. "Few comedians harness the frenetic activity of their minds quite as comprehensively as Ted Hill" - "Hill's childish energy belies the slickness of his tech and his irrepressible nerd's fondness for graphs" - Scotsman

Supergirly - Back To The Noughty 90s

SuperGirly - Back to the Noughty 90s is ready to hit you baby one more time. In an all-out assault on the world of pop, that will have you screaming, laughing, and wincing all at the same time, she pushes the boundaries, push it real good. It will change the way you listen to pop music forever! SuperGirly has performed sold-out seasons in the West End and Edinburgh, supported Elton John on his Australian tour, brought the invite-only Montreal Just for Laughs concert to its knees, AND starred in her own BBC sitcom. Now, creator Lulu McClatchy, returned to the UK to bring you SuperGirly - Back to the Noughty 90’s. "I wish we could sing your lyrics instead of ours..." (Mel C, The Spice Girls) "Make sure there’s plenty of swearing, I only hired you for your filth." (Sir Elton John) "McClatchy has a sensational vocal range and the comic skills of a Lucille Ball." (Coral Drouyn, Stage Whispers) "No self-respecting pop act is complete without a SuperGirly cover." (Independent UK)

Pam Ford: DON’T YOU DARE! (Put me in a Care Home)

"Pam Ford is a force of nature. And, as we learn a force of nurture. She works when not making rooms rock with laughter as an activity co-ordinator in a care home, and her warm, wonderful hour is filled with fascinating characters sharing the kind of incredible life stories you only discover when giving people time and respect. There are so many layers to this sweet-n-sour Paavola of a show, and each one is moreish. We are, as a room, entertained, delighted amazed and more than a little in love with this exuberant Ozzie. So when she takes us through lock-down and loss, food-banks and debts, the words carry an emotional punch" ★★★★ - The Scotsman Reviewed 2022

Ben Lund-Conlon: Lies, Damned Lies & Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Into every generation, a slayer is born: one girl in all the world, a chosen one. She alone will slay the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. But how many, exactly? Have you ever wondered how many vampires Buffy slays in Sunnydale? And how many of those does she stake with a pool cue? Who is the most harmless Scooby, and whose murders do we let slide? Is it possible to find the most average death on the show? Crucially, is Buffy the Vampire Slayer the best vampire slayer in Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Ben Lund-Conlon has done the research: he has counted every single death depicted, reported, referenced or implied in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, created a (colour-coded) spreadsheet, and he is here to present his findings. Expect pie charts, line graphs, tree maps and flow charts. This is a comedy show about death, Buffy, and statistical analysis. “An utter delight” ★★★★ - Broadway World “Breaking down a 90s TV show for statistical analysis shouldn’t be this funny. Five-by-Five.” -

Lorna Rose Treen: Skin Pigeon (WIP)

Skin Pigeon is a character comedy show from award winning comedian Lorna Rose Treen. Chortle Best Newcomer 2023 Double Funny Women Award Winner 2022 Expect stupidity, expect weird, expect Lorna.

Sooz Kempner: Y2K Woman

The award-winning, viral sensation returns with a brand-new hour following her sell out 2022 run. As the year 2000 approached Sooz was about to turn 15 and the PlayStation 2 was about to was a new beginning for the world. But with the Millennium Bug was the world also about to end!? Now, almost a quarter of a century later, things feel eerily similar… The New Millennium, video games, Alanis Morissette… a show for anyone who remembers the year 2000 or had big dreams as a kid. ‘Kempner has funny bones’ ★★★★ (Scotsman) ‘Brilliant’ (LA Times)

Close Quarters with Michelle

Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall? See what zookeepers get up to after hours? The panic in a teacher's lounge? Explore the web of intrigue in your local leisure centre? One of London's top improv-comedy groups, Michelle, lifts the lid on a location of YOUR choosing in their new show 'Close Quarters with Michelle'. See everyday places in a new light, stuffed with a whirlwind of absurd characters, emotional confrontations and quick-witted comedy from start to finish from these improv-comedy pros. "You can expect whimsy, japes and downright hilarity in this feel good improvised feast” – The Reviews Hub, 4.5/5 stars"Michelle know what they're doing, even if, often, they quite literally don't know what they're doing." - Morning Star, 5 stars

Super Sexy Mister Blobbie Musical Hour

A collaborative Work-In-Progress with an exploding star of the UK musical comedy circuit and a newcomer Canadian comedian. It's part musical, part stand-up, part sketch, part storytelling, part chip shop. If you like comedy then legally you're bound to enjoy at least one part - if not all - of this pick-n-mix of a show. And if not, that's a you problem. Nikola McMurtrie: WINNER - Funny Women Shorts Awards 2020 WINNER - British Comedy Guide Video Contest 2021 WINNER - Lit Laughs Film Festival 2022 FINALIST - Musical Comedy Awards 2022/2023 FINALIST - Rising Star Comedy Awards 2022 SEMI- FINALIST - LST Sketch Off 2023 “Highly skilled, tight-as-a drum set” - Chortle “Nikola McMurtrie is amazing!” - Next Up Comedy “Effortlessly slips in well thought-out quips” - Funny Women Greg Houston: WINNER - 'Funniest of the Fringe' Award WINNER - Kingston Storefront Fringe Festival WINNER - Ottawa Comedy Awards Best Newcomer 2012 WINNER - Ottawa Comedy Awards Best Independent Show 2014 “Houston is definitely funny - great laughs” - New Ottawa Critics “Houston earns many laughs with his self-deprecating sense of humour” - On Stage

Natalie Bryce: Pantomime Prince

If Natalie’s life was a pantomime, she would be the Prince. Oh yes she would! Saving the day and battling her inner wicked witch that is her need to people please! Scottish Comedian of the Year Finalist, South Coast Comedian of the Year Semi-Finalist, Hot Water Comedy Roast Battle winner, Backyard Comedy Club Knockout Finalist, Natalie Bryce brings her first solo show to the Camden Fringe. Come see her laugh happily ever after! Sell out show at Glasgow International Comedy Festival 2023 "Her gregarious personality engages" - Chortle “I laughed the whole way through her set. Really funny, loads of great jokes and I expect to be seeing a lot more of her. A very good act." - Paul McCaffrey "Natalie has a sparkling wit and a girl next door charm with a punch" - Viv Gee "Natalie Bryce is one of the best new comics on the circuit, great material, original ideas and a superb performer" - Joe Wells "Natalie is a great story teller. Her unassuming manner lulled me in before her fantastic punchlines bowled me over!" - Paul Cox

Greggg's Bakery of Neuro Divergent Treats

This show is a triple treat of comedians who will make you laugh out loud with their diverse and hilarious takes on everyday topics. Whether it’s witty one-liners or engaging stories, they will share their unique insights on life, love, and living with autism and mental health. You will love their different backgrounds and perspectives, finding something to relate to in each of them. Don’t miss this amazing comedy show that has something for everyone. You’re in for a real treat and maybe, a biscuit or two. Vauxhall Gong Show Winner - 2 Top Secret Gong Show Winner Winner of the 'Funniest of the Fringe' Award Winner - Kingston Storefront Fringe Festival Finalist, Go New York “Houston is definitely funny - great laughs.” - New Ottawa Critics “Houston earns many laughs with his self-deprecating sense of humour.” - On Stage

Stefania Licari: Medico

After selling out shows at Edinburgh Fringe 2022, award-winning comedian and NHS doctor Stefania Licari returns to star in a fresh, updated take on her hit show Medico. Medico is a one woman show that marries stand up and physical comedy, taking the audience on a hilarious journey into the world of medicine, immigration and what it means to be an Italian doctor in the UK. 'Dr Licari is blessed with huge reserves of charm and warmth. Her show is a joy to experience' - The Spectator 'Licari's energy and sense of fun keep the audience on side' - Chortle ★★★★ - Broadway Baby ★★★★ - Theatre London1 ★★★★ - Theatre Art Reviews ★★★★ - The Morning Star

Logan Murray’s Monday Stand Up Course Sept 2023

"Logan Murray's courses in stand-up do more than teach comedy - his students discover themselves." - New Statesman Logan has taught Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Josh Widdecombe, Andi Osho, Luisa Omielan, Diane Morgan, Joe Wilkinson, Kavan Novak, Ed Petrie, Ed Aczel, Kirsten O’Brien, Rik Edwards, Paco Erhard, Anna Crilley, Hollie Walsh, Miriam Elia, Tom Wrigglesworth, Jessica Knappett, and thousands more. Past participants have gone on to win every major comedy award. Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the most highly regarded comedy workshops in Europe. Logan takes a special pride in helping you unlock your own unique comic voice. He will encourage you to be the best comedian you can possibly be. This ten session course gives you a chance to go deeper into the art and craft of making people laugh. From finding your creative inspiration to learning the building blocks of jokes, these sessions will help you become a better writer and performer. But perhaps the best reason to do this course is that it will be one of the most satisfying things you do in your life. You will laugh more, you will play more and you will learn more about your creative processes than you ever thought possible. Course Dates September 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th October 2nd, 9th, 23rd, 30th November 6th, 13th Final Showcase on Wednesday 15th November

Ed Byrne: Tragedy Plus Time WIP

Attributed to Mark Twain, humour is defined as Tragedy Plus Time. Come and join Ed as he tests that formula by mining the most tragic event in his life for laughs. Audiences are advised that this is a very early Work In Progress show which is reflected in the ticket price. Previous praise for Ed: “Definitely stand-up at its best” ✭✭✭✭✭ - VOICE MAG UK “High quality stand-up from a master of observational comedy” ✭✭✭✭✭ - BROADWAY BABY “A masterclass from one of the finest comedians ” ✭✭✭✭✭ - DAILY BUSINESS MAGAZINE “Hilarious anecdotes. I assure you Ed Byrne is one comedian you should DEFINITELY see!” ✭✭✭✭✭ - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine “My face still hurts from laughing so much. Bravo Ed!” ✭✭✭✭✭ - Student Newspaper “A masterful display of the comics art…*****" ✭✭✭✭✭ - Sunday Times

The All New Angelos and Barry Show

Come and join us for the Live recording of the world famous, All New Angelos and Barry Podcast. We will be telling a lot of scandalous gossip about our showbiz pals and we will be hosting our talent show for those of you who wish to take part. Allll the very best.

Kerfuffle: Theatresports

Embrace the spontaneity of Kerfuffle, an improv team that brings the Theatresports format to life with infectious energy and quick wit. In this fast-paced, competitive style of improv, our performers go head-to-head in teams, participating in a series of games and challenges that test their creativity and comedic skills. As audience members, you'll have the power to fuel the mayhem by suggesting ideas, themes or situations that the teams must incorporate into their scenes. With each show offering a unique blend of unexpected twists and turns, Kerfuffle guarantees an evening of unpredictable, unscripted fun. Root for your favourite team, marvel at their inventive storytelling, and immerse yourself in the magic of live theatre. Join us for a thrilling, laughter-filled experience, and discover the creative chaos that is Kerfuffle!

Kathy Maniura: Objectified

Kathy Maniura is ready to be objectified – by which she means pretend to be a bunch of objects live on stage!! In her debut solo show, this award-winning character comedian brings to life a few of her favourite things – and a lot of her least favourite. Meet an exhausting paper straw, a desperate electric scooter and a teeny tiny sexy little airpod among others in an hour of silliness that might make you look at the world a little differently. 'Standout performer... Enigmatic' (Scotsman). 'Flawlessly performed and wittily and inventively scripted' (

Hooked: Mr Sister

Holly and Brooke are Hooked on each other. Watch the duo stumble through the vows they have taken to be besties forever, or as they like to call themselves, Mr Sisters. From money saving experts 'Nifty and NooNoo' to dating in the dark at 'Le Nuit de Sexe', Mr Sister is a wonderful mix of sketch and character comedy that truly is a spectacle of imagination and comedy. Someone once said, 'If you don't get your own sketch show, I'll be disappointed', and Hooked would hate to disappoint. ‘Spectacle of imagination and comedy’ - Funny Women

Shoot From The Hip

It's that time again, SFTH are back with pure improv CARNAGE "Side-splitting quick wit" - The Evening Standard "Well worth a shot (pun intended)” - Time Out "Brilliantly funny" - Spotlight "Comedy doesn't get better than this" - N16 Magazine

Something To Take Off The Edge

"Something to Take off the Edge" is a tragi-comedy about two men, Ezra and Terry, who are serving long-term prison sentences in 1980s Britain. The play follows their journey as they flirt with heroin, chocolate hobnobs, and Shakespeare in order to cope with the harsh reality of life behind bars. Their complex relationship is tested as they confront their past traumas, addiction, and mental health issues. The play tackles themes of mental health, addiction, and learning difficulties, shedding light on the intersection of these issues within the criminal justice system. It highlights the systemic barriers that make life harder for people with these conditions, and advocates for inclusivity and accessibility in the arts and wider society. Despite the challenges they face, Ezra and Terry find solace in each other's company, literature, and sweet treats. Their journey is a powerful and thought-provoking exploration of addiction, mental health, and redemption. Through their story, "Something to Take off the Edge" challenges ableism and promotes empathy and understanding for those who have been impacted by the criminal justice system and the intersection of mental health and addiction.

BAB’s Big Show

Bab’s debut London show! Hailing from the midlands, Bab is a female sketch duo comprised of Amy Spinks and Lauren Soley. In this show they discuss the funny and relatable topics of life, death and turning thirty (so basically dead). Semi-finalists of Sketch Off! 2022 and quoted as ‘loud but lols’, expect fast, relatable sketches with a sprinkle of feminism and lashings of naughtiness

Peter Fleming Meets Doctor Who! (WIP)

Doctor Who is 60. In its life, the programme has encountered many problems. Most of them were the fault of retired children’s TV pioneer Peter Fleming. Warped telly nostalgia from award-winning character comic and Blue Peter badge winner Tom Burgess (as seen on BBC Two and heard on BBC Radio 4 Extra). ★★★★ ‘A comic love letter to a lost world of Reithian values’ – Stewart Lee ‘A daft, well-observed show’ – Sunday Times ‘Gorgeous writing and performance’ – Metro ‘Wonderfully silly and fast-paced’ – Chortle ‘Like a lost Fast Show character’ – Beyond the Joke ‘Best Debut Show’ – Leicester Comedy Festival 2018

Ashley Barnhill: Texas Titanium

Texan Ashley was hit by a car and in a coma, had 5 brain surgeries and got a new titanium skull. Come on this journey with her, but don't get hit by a car! 'Ashley is the most diabolical bitch I've ever met' - Dave Chappelle

Marina Joy: What Now?!

In this fast-paced storytelling journey, Marina reminisces about university and being told by her lecturer that she dances like a sack of potatoes. Watch her muddle through graduate life, attempt (and fail) to become a professional fairy and children's entertainer including irritating parents with her risqué balloon modelling. (Still got to keep the wings though). Wondered what on earth happened during lockdown, gained a brother 20 years her junior instead of a poodle. Investigated online Christian dating, which is VERY different from Tinder. What was it like growing up as a Christian kid in the noughties? And WHO are Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber?! This show delves into themes such as faith, grief, and adulting. "Just do it again but better," Marina was told. However, how does that work in a world where things don't go to plan. The only question we can ask ourselves is...What Now?!

Lou Taylor: Jeans And A Nice Top - Work In Progress

With a mixture of stand-up & video, comedian Lou Taylor discusses her life, relationship, childhood, and much more. You will be taken back to the late '90s where Lou grew into her role as a very naughty school girl (not in a sexy way), no teacher was safe from her gob (again not in a sexy way). “I’m not being funny but Lou is VERY funny” - Lou Sanders “Lou Taylor is a funny bitch. She is your best mate whilst also being your inner monologue.” - SELF ESTEEM

I Start Things But Don’t Fin

Fin, a jaded musician, has been invited to his old high school to talk to the students about pursuing their dreams… which begs the question, is he really living his? I Start Things But Don’t Fin is a one person show told through musical comedy. Featuring guitar, piano and harp, the show takes the audience on a wild ride from start to finish, exploring perfectionism, mental health and what it means to be an artist.

Toby Williams: Gubbins (Work In Progress)

From the injustice of a ‘70s parenting smack-down to the one good reason for having children (not to mention dogging with Steve McFadden along the way) this show leaves no stone unturned in its heroic quest to tackle the important issues. A brand new stand-up show from Edinburgh Fringe veteran Toby Williams (aka Dr. George Ryegold) as seen in Breeders (Sky Comedy/FX), Sex Education (Netflix), The Emily Atack Show (ITV2) and Dreaming Whilst Black (BBC One) and from the BBC Audio Award-winning Please Use Other Door (Radio 4). 'Keeps the audience laughing so hard there's barely time to breathe...genuine belly laughs' - ★★★★ British Comedy Guide 'Thank you for a memorable hour.' - ★★★★ The Scotsman 'Lashings of gallows humour...beautifully crafted' - The Stage 'As sick as Jim Jeffries, but with the vocabulary of Stephen Fry...some of the most hilariously bad-taste lines of the festival' - ★★★★ Chortle 'He brings comedy which is brutal, different and entertaining – although some is not for the faint-hearted! You may be left slightly scarred but you will also definitely be left in fits of laughter.' - ★★★★ Three Weeks

Freya Parker: It Aint Easy Being Cheeky

Are you a little cheeky guy? Interested in the lifestyle? Come and join Freya as she navigates the struggles of trying to remain cheeky when it's raining trauma. From 50% of sketch duo Lazy Susan comes a 100% debut hour of stand-up. Hot topics to include death, bread and the joy of waving. As seen in the BBC Three Lazy Susan (“Outrageous and irreverent” ★★★★ The Guardian ) sketch show, The Mash Report (BBC / Dave) and, in a twist no one saw coming, Jurassic World: Dominion. Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee.

Gamëz TV

Welcome to Gämez TV - the comedy show where our performers improvise brand-new, never-seen-before TV shows inspired by your suggestions! From dating shows to dramas, from soap operas to the news, and everything in between. We’ll need your suggestions to build and perform your favourite night of television right in front of your very eyes. Expect a ton of fun games inspired by your favourite shows from one of London’s premier short-form improv groups!

Bad Movies

After doing his show "You Don't Look Autistic" for the past few years, Luke has decided to move on and do a whole show on one of his favourite things - Bad Movies! Get ready for a journey through the worst movies ever created, find out why Luke loves them so much and discover what is the baddest movie of all time.

Sezar Alkassab: Laughable

Sezar Alkassab is a Glaswegian comedian whose family are from Iraq. His conversational comedy explores dating, cultural differences, turning 30, and more in a comedy act with silly stories, self-deprecating observations, and provocative punchlines. His current show has gained numerous praise and international attention with performances in Stockholm, Barcelona, and Prague. “Made me laugh my ass off!” - The Scotsman “Absolutely brilliant! Such a friendly guy, and the show was hilarious!” - The Vaults UK “An exceptionally talented comedian with a no doubt bright future in comedy.” - The Camden Fringe Voyeur

LJ DA FUNK IN... Blockchain Billionaire

Everything you ever wanted to know about cryptocurrency but were afraid to ask! Fresh from juggling accolades at the proms, drip-dried gangster and certified imbecile LJ DA FUNK explains how he scaled the blockchain and made and lost a cool billion from NFTs. "There's a fine line between genius and insanity. LJ DA FUNK has crossed that line and kicked it to death" - The List "Relished every minute of it, an infectiously enjoyable quality." - Steve Bennett, Chortle "Deceptively Clever" - Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard "A welcome injection of weirdness into this Fringe’s comedy" - Broadway Baby

The Haunted

The Haunted is a fast-paced performance of two stories from the weird world of Norfolk legends and ghosts. Starting in the 14th Century, real life historical figure Queen Isabella is hounded by the infamous, and possibly not-so-real Black Shuck (a fierce wolf-like creature that roams the East Anglian countryside). We move into the 19th Century to a maverick anthropologist, a mummy’s hand and a spot of revenge. All of this entwined with hilarious, historical facts that show that Norfolk really is the centre of the universe! “Fantastic creepy stories” Audience member 2022 Original script created by writer Stephen Keyworth and directed by Danny O’Hara. This version is a fun, slightly macabre show full of chills and laughs in equal measure produced by Danny O’Hara and Vanessa McAuley. This is a Slow Theatre Company production

Ashley Haden: Genocidal Liberal

Can we get better or should we just be wiped out? Darker, more honest, and still wearing a hat. Ashley is bringing his brand of caustic satire to watch over the world as it burns. “He is absolutely merciless” - The Scotsman ★★★★★ Radio Haha ★★★★ Three Weeks

Dave Bibby: Baby Dinosaur

Dave Bibby "madcap musical-character-sketch comedy pioneer" (Broadway World) is back with a show about parenthood and dinosaurs. Packed with songs, sketches and *ahem* multi-award-winning stand-up. "Could develop cult status" ★★★★ - Broadway Baby WINNER: New Online Comedian of the Year WINNER: Musical Comedy Awards Audience Favourite WINNER: SOLO Festival Best Male Act FINALIST: British Comedy Guide Pro Comedian of the Year FINALIST: Leicester Square Theatre Sketch Off! As seen on Channel 4, Netflix, HBO, BBC Radio 4, Comedy Central, Hulu. "A true performer" - British Comedy Guide "Seemingly out of control" ★★★★ - London Theatre 1 "Hilarious" ★★★★ - Entertainment Focus A comedy show 65 million years in the making.

The Make Marriage Worx Group

Andrea Burke-Bottom is a former alpha-wife and wannabe trad-wife. Despite her allegiance to the trad-wife movement, Andrea continues to struggle with her will to dominate. Having quit her job as a successful attorney, to focus on being the perfect wife, she developed a series of devices that work to stop her alpha ways in their tracks. So pleased with the efficacy of her devices, Andrea went on to found ‘The Make Marriage Worx Group’ (MMWG) – the no. 1 trad-wife retailer, specialising in experiential parties. Andrea and singer and trad-wife pal, Birdie, invite you to a MMWG party, where you can see the devices in action, have a go if you’re feeling saucy, and place an order! This show shines a light on internalised misogyny and the ‘pick me’ culture.

The Electric Head presents: Improvised Head

Acclaimed double-act The Electric Head (Al Ronald & Cy Henty) continue to take reality by surprise, in their brand new, entirely unplanned and unscripted long-form improv show. Join them on their hilarious and exciting journeys and peer into the surreal mind of The Electric Head with unpredictable adventures based entirely on audience suggestions. ‘Complete Utter Mayhem, outrageously funny’ The Horror Hothouse ‘Master Craftsmen...a feast of fun’ - ‘Hilarious’ - Timeout ‘Superb’ - Horrortalk ‘Manic perfection’ - ‘Funny, compelling and uplifting’ -

The 9pm Friday Show (With the Dinner Daddies)

Serving you up a big warm slice of comedy pie, the Dinner Daddies delight with their trademark wit and absurdism (so far this trademark has failed to hold water in court). Zhuzh up your Friday night with an hour of improvised comedy, stand-up and music with a guest comedian.

Gays, Theys and Strays

The best Queer acts on the circuit are here to have an absolute ball! Everyone is welcome be they Gays, Theys or just Strays who wandered in.

Dian Cathal: Generation WHY

As seen on HBO & BBC, Dian Cathal brings you a new comedy hour about the best and worst of the Millennial Generation & how Pokemon ruined us. We are tasked with saving the world, just like Saturday morning cartoons taught us, but we are hamstrung by our own trauma. We have to face it to get past it & learn from it. This show is the start.

Dian Cathal: Deadnamed

A funeral meets a queer circus. After coming out as a trans man, Dian Cathal noticed how a lot of mainstream language around coming out as transgender was about loss for the person’s family and friends, as if the person they knew had, well, you know... So, he’s throwing his own funeral tonight, and you’re all invited! Well, a funeral for his ‘old self’ at least. Join him in this hilarious yet heart-wrenching theatre-comedy show about identity, family, language and mayhem, which ultimately ends on a note of hope. Reviews:

Chronically Hilarious

The most incredible Disabled comedy acts are here to make you laugh until it hurts!

Chris Turner: Vegas, Baby!

Hot on the heels of his Las Vegas residency with Cirque Du Soleil, join comedian and freestyle rapper Chris Turner as he brings his signature blend of jokes and improvised rap to London. With over 40m YouTube views and sell-out shows across the globe, don’t miss your chance to see Chris in an intimate venue for one night only! As seen on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "Very funny, uniquely appealing…nobody on a Vegas stage does what Chris Turner does" - Las Vegas Review-Journal "A virtuoso…a hip-hop machine" - The Guardian "Unquestionably impressive…guaranteed to make you laugh, hard’" - La Presse (Canada) "Mind-bendingly flawless" - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Furiozo: Man Looking For Trouble

Disturbing, absurdly funny parodic portrait of toxic masculinity. An epic tale of Furiozo, an aggressive hooligan. A spectacle of rage and fury without a single word. Original work from award winning Polish clown- Piotr Sikora. Live fast. Die.

Liam Tulley: APPY (Work in Progress)

APPY - is a work-in-progress stand-up comedy show from Liam Tulley about the current digital age where everyone seems to be attractive, happy and popular. Social media can sometimes make it appear as though everyone is living a life better than our own and can leave us feeling like a failure. Failure that is created entirely by our own mindset, which leads to an increase in anxiety and depression. With humour and material described as inventive and laden with unexpected twists, Liam breaks the spell of the barrage of expectations that convince us being imperfect amounts to failure. Allowing happiness in times of struggle and moments in life that keep him going in an era of scrolling, swiping, posing and pretending. 'An original mordant thinker, droll beyond his years and very funny' - Anthony J Brown (Comedy Promoter) 'Funny and formed the mood of the room' - Peter Fox (Comedy Reviewer)

David Ephgrave: Good Grief

David nails losing parents, so you don't have to. (NB. You'll still have to). Since David's childhood, his dad Barry provided frustration and support in equal parts. Even as his health deteriorated, he still brought comedic relief. But when he died, everything imploded, and this show is the cathartic debrief. Featured in The Times, Daily Telegraph, Comedy Central, i Newspaper, Scotsman and Edinburgh Evening News' best Fringe jokes lists. "As smooth as they come" - "Fringe veteran" - ThreeWeeks “Wonderfully innovative comedy” - Broadway Baby "Refreshingly down-to-earth...devastatingly witty" - Edinburgh Festivals Magazine "A very likable stand-up, confident but not cocky, and a lot of fun to spend time with...a natural entertainer" - View From The Gods "Never a dull hour" - List “An eye for the bizarre, the sinister, and the downright ridiculous” - Camden Fringe Voyeur

Katie Norris - Farm Fatale (Work-in-Progress)

Winner of the Musical Comedy Awards 2023 Katie is a stand up comedian, actor and singer who is best known for her work as one-half of the critically-acclaimed double act Norris & Parker and a regular voice on The Now Show and Newsjack (BBC RADIO 4). 'Her comic timing is as exquisite as her voice’ - Chortle ‘Fine, funny writing and skillful comedy performance’ - ★★★★ The Guardian

Serena Terry AKA Mammy Banter – Socially Needier

Social media sensation, Sunday Times Best Selling Author and 36-year-old Derry native, Serena Terry took the social media world by storm in 2020 via her hilariously relatable comedy skits on Tiktok, Instagram and Facebook as Mammy Banter. Serena currently boasts over 2.5 million social media followers, wrote a Sunday Times Best Selling Novel (The Secret Life of an Uncool Mum, released March 2022) and best-selling follow-up, ‘The Sh!te Before Christmas’ in November of this year. Serena voiced the audibles for both books. In 2022 Serena was named as a Breakout Star by TikTok, she secured a cameo in the global phenomenon Derry Girls and made her debut on the stand-up comedy circuit at The Fringe. One thing is for sure, a hugely exciting 2023 awaits! SOCIAL MEDIA TikTok - 1.7 million followers. Instagram - 235 followers. Facebook - 630k followers

Sasha Ellen: Character Building Experience

You enter a tavern. You see a group of comedian questers. What do you do? A Dungeons-and-Dragons-style, comedy, interactive roleplaying game show, suitable for the experts, the novices and the uninitiated but curious. No two quests are alike; a unique mini-adventure with improvised music, songs and questionable choices. Roll the dice on this comedy gameshow. "Plenty of laughs and nerd camaraderie"- Broadway World ★★★★ “Endlessly pleasing, voraciously funny hour of unpredictable nonsense” - The Indiependent ★★★★ 27th of April: Nathan Roberts(Winner of BBC’s Felix Dexter Bursary) Tai Campbell(BBC One, BBC Three, Vice and BAFTA) Katie Pritchard(As seen on ‘Harry Hill’s ClubNite’, WINNER of the Musical Comedy Awards) 25th of May: Sikisa(Live at the Apollo (BBC), Stand Up Sketch Show (ITV2), Sorry I Didn't Know (ITV), Jonathan Ross’ Comedy Club (ITV)) Jon Gracy(host of Werewolf: Live) Bilal Zafar(nominated for Best Newcomer at the Edinburgh Fringe, Stand up Special for BBC Radio 4) 22nd of June: Sid Singh(writer for the BBC, Comedy Central UK, and Boom Chicago) Ken Cheng(Writer and star of BBC Radio 4 series "Chinese Comedian”) Joz Norris(Comedians' Choice Award-winner: Best Show) 27th of June: Bec Hill(Makeaway Takeaway, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown and The Jonathan Ross Show) Tadiwa Malhunge(As seen on BBC 1, BBC 2, Dave, Comedy Central, UTV, Comic Relief and heard on BBC Radio 4) Bennet Kavanagh(Winner: Bath Comedy Festival New Act of the Year, Amused Moose National New Comic Award People’s Champion and BCG Pro Starter Performance Award)

Adam Larter: *Cricket Noises*

Adam has set off for the wilderness, determined to find meaning in solitude, embracing a new life of nothing but moss-covered rocks and the sound of crickets. This is the new show from prolific card-board clown and head of award-winning Weirdos Comedy. Awards which have nothing to do with this show but might make you think ‘he must know what he’s doing’. Nominated for Best Show at LCF 2022 & 2023 [wow] Event of the Year, Chortle Awards – 2018 [a long time ago, but wow] Quotes from some semi-legitimate comedy journalists: "One of the most stupidly brilliant things you'll see this Fringe." - Fest "His audience don't suffer, though they may get dizzy at all the strangeness swirling around their heads." - Steve Bennett, Chortle "Obviously a very dedicated oddball, Adam Larter has created a giddy, bizarre whirlwind of a show" - The List


In this completely improvised comedy show, you will be invited to suggest genres for a "brand new" play to be made up on the spot by the performers. The genres go on a spinning wheel which is then used to determine which one will be performed. You also get to provide suggestions to start the play off with, and throughout the show will be offered opportunities to shape the action as it unfolds, decide whether it goes right or wrong and even choose how it ends! Will the action hero save the day and get the girl of his dreams, or will he fail and doom himself to a life of mockery? Will the charismatic thief successfully steal the diamond in the heist she has been planning for decades, or will it all go hilariously awry? Will the reclusive, eccentric but wealthy landowner finally convince the heir to his estate to marry the girl he has chosen for him, or will he be spurned forever more and resign himself to solitude? The possibilities are literally endless when the audience has the power of choice. “Fearlessly Funny” - Audience Review “I was laughing from start to finish” - Audience Review

John Callaghan’s Cabaret Electro

Thoughtful and strange electronic songs, theatrically presented with John's whimsical energy, ingenious costumes and specially-made videos. "The closest thing to a living cartoon character. Makes music like no-one else in this dimension." - Professor Elemental "Blurring the lines between music and artistic performance, John's use of visuals and costumes [pushes] the set to another level... An incredible performer, and certainly unique." - Paper Champion "Callaghan [inhabits] a strange zone... comfortable in the IDM scene, making melodic electronica, yet almost always vocally-based, with eccentric lyrics and usually silly and brilliant videos. That strange dualism of electronica and songwriting sits alongside this other dualism of the beautiful and moving against the very English sense of the irreverent and ridiculous." - Peter Hollo "Eccentric and artful." - Warp Records "All you could desire from a gig. One of the most inspirational music acts we have ever experienced." ★★★★★ - Todolist "If you want to put your brain in the blender, have a listen - it's a bit like if Aphex Twin wrote British music hall songs... In a good way." - Tomás Ford "Peak Fringe." - Joe Black

Good Girl

If I went through your internet history, what would I find? Join Rhiannon on an immersive, interactive clown adventure as she plays with male fantasies, female sexuality, and how we navigate twenty-first-century womanhood. Rhiannon has always been a good girl; obliging, pretty, and eager to please. All she wants is to make you happy, and she knows exactly what men want. From naughty schoolgirl to femme fatale to idyllic housewife, Rhiannon will make all your filthiest fantasies come true, one Pornhub search at a time. Good Girl is a funny, moving, and heartfelt romp through one woman's attempt to please the male ego, and make daddy love her. Trigger warnings: sexual violence, violence, sexual content.

Kate-Lois Elliott: Gentrif*cked (WIP)

British Writers' Guild Award-nominee Kate-Lois Elliott tells stories that are self-deprecating and (according to a drunk man at the fringe) unexpectedly profound. Gentrif*cked - a work-in-progress - is a debut show about finding your purpose. Join Kate on a journey through village life, thirty-something existential crises, and finding belonging without joining a cult... (specifically not like her grandma did). Kate has appeared on the BBC, Netflix, and in London’s Westend and is also one half of Diversify Podcast, whose guests have included Ria Lina, Kai Samra, Maisie Adam, Tez Ilyas and that guy from Dr Who. British Writers' Guild Award Nominee Best Online Comedy 2022, British Comedy Guide Talent Awards for Performance Finalist 2022, Funny Women Content Creator Award Nominee 2021, West End New Comedian of the Year Finalist 2023, Brighton Fringe Bursary Winner 2023. ''Wonderful... Could sniff the vodka from the plinth’’ - Helen Lederer "Zeitgeisty" - BBC Radio Kent ''A rising star'' - Hayley Mackenzie, Script Angel

Siân Docksey: Pole Yourself Together! (WIP)

Pole dancing comedian Siân Docksey cheerfully ignores climate disaster, another recession and the steady creep of fascism to see if hanging off a stick can make you stop thinking about death. A brand new genre-smashing philosophical dance-comedy party. And/or just a woman having an existential crisis on a stick, probably. Work in pole-gress. Co-created with Jake Wood and directed by Alexander Bennett. “It’s awesome and like no comedy you’ve ever seen” - Funny Women Guide “Upsetting burlesque” - Audience review

Gary Powndland & Friends - Live!

Viral sensation Gary Powndland (pronounced like the shop but not spelled the same) is back with an all-new live comedy show! With over 20 million views online and a string of sell out shows across the UK, Gary & the gang return to London this October.


The "Spice Girls of improv" return in their five-star, sell-out, totally improvised musical comedy Notflix. Inspired by audience suggestions, an all-female cast improvise the musical version of your favourite films, creating movies with 100% more singing, 99% more women and a full live band. Broadway World Best Comedy nominee. As seen on Sky TV, STV, BBC 5 Live “Notflix might very well be the best show you see this year, the year after that and hopefully forever" ★★★★★ - Broadway Baby "A little piece of theatrical genius" ★★★★★ - North West End

Logan Murray’s Weekend Stand Up Course Sept 2023

"Logan Murray's courses in stand-up do more than teach comedy - his students discover themselves." - New Statesman Logan has taught Greg Davies, Rhod Gilbert, Josh Widdecombe, Andi Osho, Luisa Omielan, Diane Morgan, Joe Wilkinson, Kavan Novak, Ed Petrie, Ed Aczel, Kirsten O’Brien, Rik Edwards, Paco Erhard, Anna Crilley, Hollie Walsh, Miriam Elia, Tom Wrigglesworth, Jessica Knappett, and thousands more. Past participants have gone on to win every major comedy award. Perhaps that’s why it’s one of the most highly regarded comedy workshops in Europe. Logan takes a special pride in helping you unlock your own unique comic voice. He will encourage you to be the best comedian you can possibly be. This six session course gives you a chance to go deeper into the art and craft of making people laugh. From finding your creative inspiration to learning the building blocks of jokes, these sessions will help you become a better writer and performer. But perhaps the best reason to do this course is that it will be one of the most satisfying things you do in your life. You will laugh more, you will play more and you will learn more about your creative processes than you ever thought possible. Course Dates - Saturdays September 16th, 23rd, 30th, October 7th, 21st, 28th Showcase Wed 2nd November 2023

Film Club - The Improvised Comedy

An improvised sketch show recreating the high-stakes scenes from your favourite movies. From the breathless intensity of thrillers, or the fleeting serendipity of romance, to the smooth cynicism of film noir, see us light up the stage with “authentic” drama... and then subvert it in the way only improv comedy can!

Gary Faulds Live - Frontier

Frontier is Gary’s journey into the unknown, will we find aliens on mars? Can I get Turkey teeth? Will I ever call my Mum’s boyfriend Da? Can I do yoga without farting? Will the yoga lassie let me back after fart gate? An action-packed hour of relatable comedy from Gary who just wants to be a better version of himself, but what steps need to be taken for that to happen? How do normal people live the life of these six pack Spartan gods on Instagram who have never have bad days or bits of doner meat stuck to their teeth? Buy tickets now, come to the gig, turn off your phone and get lost in his madness. You never know, you too could one day be an 18 stone morbidly obese scheme boy, crippled with anxiety and stretch marks.

The Monday Club

Grab yourself a drink and join us in the Museum bar for a relaxed weekly night of new material from some of the finest comedians on the circuit. Featuring pro acts, new acts and maybe the odd one or two off the telly… Like our Facebook page to see who's performing each week and keep up to date with all things The Monday Club! Book in advance to guarantee your seat or drop in from 6pm and buy on the door!

The Stars of Tomorrow, TODAY! (A Comedy Course Showcase)

The Final Show of Logan Murray’s Stand Up Course. Logan has taught loads of famous people to do Comedy, so come and watch the stars of tomorrow take their first fledgeling steps into Showbiz. In future years, you’ll be able to tell people you saw them at their very first gig. You will be pleasantly surprised by how funny all the acts are!

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