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Not So New Comedian of the Year


So you still think you're funny?

Not so New Comedian of the Year (Formerly Old Comedian of the Year) is a competition based at The Museum of Comedy.

Forget cheery optimism & skinny jeans. At last, a competition for comics who've been around long enough to know better. Expect a high standard and a hint of world weary cynicism as 100 not so new acts compete for the title of Not so New Comedian of the Year.

Entry requirements
The competition is open to anyone over 35 who has been performing for 5 years or more, and not making a living from comedy. Entries from character acts, musical acts and sketch groups are welcome. The only restriction is that all contestants must stick to 5 minutes of original material or risk disqualification.

From the people who brought you New Comedian of the Year, but slightly more jaded…

Past Winners

1st place - Pete Teckman
2nd place - Sallyann Fellowes 
3rd place - Javier

1st place - Mike Cox
2nd place - "Mags"
3rd place - Rick Kiesewetter

1st place - Gatis Kandis
2nd place - Declan Kennedy
3rd place - Russell Arathoon

1st place - Naomi Paxton as Ada Campe
2nd place - Colin Chadwick
3rd place - Jules Oliver

1st place - Nick Elleray
2nd place - Rob Thomas
3rd place - Chris McGlade

1st place - Joe Bor as Jasper Cromwell Jones
2nd place - Magnus Turner MP
3rd place - Kelly Kingham

1st Place - Tim Shishodia
2nd Place - Toby Williams as Dr George Ryegold
3rd Place - Sam Savage as Linda Larkin